At the suggestion of a good friend, I am keeping this poor little blog alive.

I do read other peoples’ blogs on wordpress but for the time being various other online forums seem to be taking my time. 

I do have more time than I had before because I am not working now.  In mid-January, I left my job at the pediatric office where I had been for about 17 or so years.  I have been a nurse for 40 years.  It just felt like the time to not be a nurse for the time being, at least.

Now, what am I doing?  Well, for one, I am thinking about nutrition for my husband and me.  I actually have cooked a couple of meals, but not many.  I am the oldest of a family of 2 adults and 7 siblings.  I can cook large meals, huge pots of sauce, lots of potatoes, many eggs.  Then I had 4 children of my own plus the Dad and me for 6 so I can still think in large numbers.  For years though, I really didn’t cook.  The husband and I sort of foraged for food in the PM’s, as I went to the gym or to Jazzercise or to CrossFit or went running after work on many a weeknight.  On weekends we went out to eat most of the time.  I love restaurants.  Now, I have cooked and, oh boy, do we have leftovers just from the few meals I have prepared.  We also have still got Fridays and Saturdays to go out, though, so I am not cooking tonight.  It is Friday.

This doesn’t sound like nutrition to me, but it is somewhat.  At least what I make isn’t loaded with salt and I do set the table so we aren’t in front of the TV while we eat.  I think this may be where I am for the time being. 


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